How does the rudder slide to brake work?

Is it true that pulling down the rudder slide is the real brake you’re supposed to use while landing? I tried and it actually slow you down

Yes, it is an alternative form of braking.

It does the exact same as the brake button it’s just easier to use while taxiing as you don’t have to let go of the rudder to brake.


But what’s the correct way to slow down in landing?

As Chatta said, both do the same thing. There is no auto brake* in IF so you have to manually control braking with reverse thrust and brake button.


Use whatever you fancy, both do the same thing:)

Use spoilers as usual, thrust reverser until just below 90 knots then brake

To clarify, everything people have been mentioning happens on the ground, not in the air.

edit : see Chatta’s spoiler comment.

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Oh you’re supposed to use reverse only when under 90 knots?

Nope use it until you reach that speed after touchdown then stop using them and brake.

I’m sorry but isn’t it 60 knots?

Oh oki knew that then, i thought it was 50knt

That’s just what I personally use, by all means look for more credible information regarding this but I like to use High speed exits a lot so I don’t tend to brake really quickly.

Approach mode says hello.

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Upon touching down on the runway use reverse thrust until your going about 70-80kts. Then use braking (this is for turbine aircraft). You can use either the “brakes” button or the sliding rudder button. To use the rudder button simply put your thumb on the rudder button and slide it down. The further down you slide your thumb the harder the brakes will be applied.

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