How does the ram of mobiles influence the performance of infinite flight?


It may be a somewhat atypical question but I would like to know how the ram memory of mobiles influences the flight experience.
In other words, what is the difference between playing 4 gigabytes of ram with respect to other 8 gigabytes of ram with the same power at the level of cpu and gpu.
Starting from the base of closing open apps before playing to maximize performance.

A greeting.

I have only 4GB RAM and i can fly on high settings

Simply put, More ram on android phones allows for more multi tasking. You will be able to have more apps open in the background which stay open and don’t close after some time if you have more ram. However for infinite flight, it is always recommended to close any background before playing and it eases up on the load.

Saying this, you will not be able to find a huge difference or even any difference when playing on a 4gb or 8gb variant of a phone. These high ram variants are only added for people who like to multi task which infinite flight doesnt support.


Higher the ram the higher your settings can be, and the longer you can fly:)
but the max hours is 80 something like that:) something to do with servers i think


Ok, thank you all.
I have the Nubia Red magic 3 and I have not found performance differences for having more ram, as you say … so I will notice it in another area.
The best, your fan to refresh without a doubt.

This is not entirely true. Better graphics depends on your cpu/gpu.


True enough, but if you have a good ram chances are you’ll have a good cpu/gpu or a decent one at least

JThe most important is the processor cache RAM. Type and amount. The faster type is far expensive.
Apple processors use a lot of the faster one.
I use Apple iPhone XR with A12 chip 3 Gb RAM. Infinite Flight is a detail for it (full settings)

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I imagine you’ll be left over from performance, right?
I mean, you can put everything to maximum graphic options and you will do very well.
I sincerely believe that with that cell phone you have, it should be enough if in the future they add clouds u other.

Clouds works with all other flight sim on this phone. Rain, snow too

An excerpt about Apple chips from a French magazine 2018 (Google Translation):

“The finesse of different engraving sometimes justifies a gap, but not so important. The real difference is technical and it is in the amount of processor cache used by Apple. To make (very) simple, the RAM is too slow not to slow down modern processors and we use extremely fast memory and directly integrated processors to accelerate the processing.
This memory is very expensive to produce, but Apple has always tended to use more than its competitors. The Apple A11 includes 8 MB of total processor memory, compared to only 3 MB for the Snapdragon 835, the high-end processor of the moment at Qualcomm. The gap has not widened recently, it is an old trend: the Apple A7 released in 2013 at the time included 5 MB of cache memory, more than the best current Android processors.
The difference is even greater when you distinguish the types of processor memory. In addition to the L2 cache, Apple has been using for several years the L3 cache, a little less expensive, a little slower, but which increases the amount of total memory. In comparison, no other ARM processor is compatible to date with the L3 cache! This should change in 2018, but in the meantime, Apple has always been able to rely on this surplus of memory to increase its performance.
Incidentally, the manufacturer has made a very different choice with the Apple A11. The latest generation lacks L3 cache, but has a huge amount (8 MB, a record on a mobile processor) cache L2, faster and more expensive, instead. This does not necessarily mean that Apple processors will no longer use L3 cache in the future, but this choice may have improved performance a little bit.”

It basically just means the amount of background apps you can have open. However since IF is a big app I recommend you have as little background apps open as possible.

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