How does the Nexus 9 run Infinite Flight?

Hi guys!
Today I want to ask you guys that how basically does the Nexus 9 run Global with max settings.
I saw that Laura was using it while testing global and I wanted to ask how does it run?
Thanks anyways
P.S: I would really want the experience of the Nexus 9 users ;)

It should run IF pretty well, as it has good specs. Be aware that it is an older device though. I would look for a newer device like the Ipad pro or Samsung Tab S3 to fully enjoy the app on max settings.

Thanks for letting me know :) im most probably going for a budget tablet tho :)

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In that case you would probably be better off with the Nexus.

I don’t think that it runs IF well. A 2x2.3GHz processor with 2GBs of RAM. RAM is enough but the processor is not good at all. I think you can run it on low graphics.

Thanks alot i thought the same but the Tegra K1 chipset is a beast and as I saw Laura using the nexus 9 for IF Global I got interested :)

I have seen it to that thing is a real Beast :0

To no get off-topic, PM me if you want to know more about a specific device.

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