How does the new VOR work

Hey guys,
I have been playing 19.4 all day and have looked at countless videos. But I can’t understand what the new VORs do. Whenever I set it to nav 1/2 and activate it it just sends me away from the airport. Can anyone explain to me what happens when I set my nav to the VOR and where my plane goes?

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This link should help.

You should tune into the VOR for NAV 1 or 2. Then make sure the corresponding CRS matches the heading you want. Set source to the VOR frequency (NAV 1 or 2) and turn on NAV mode. It will bring you towards the CRS heading you selected.

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what is the difference between this and just setting a heading you want or setting you waypoint on the VOR?

Once you tune in a VOR into NAV1, you can fly directly to the VOR in this simple fashion. Double tap CRS1 and it will center up the Course Deviation Indicator found on your compass. This is the big green arrow that you would use to fly an ILS approach. This will point to the VOR that you have dialed in on NAV1. To fly to a VOR, you could fly this via:

  • By hand. Turn towards the line to get on course if you did not double tap CRS1.
  • Autopilot. Turn on NAV found under APPR/NAV in the autopilot controls, and the plane will turn towards this line and track inbound to the VOR.
    Its important to note that if you’re going to let the autopilot fly, you need to make sure your SOURCE is set to NAV1 or NAV2 or GPS depending on what type of navigation you’re using.

For more advanced navigation, if you know a radial you’d like to fly inbound to or outbound on the VOR, you could dial in the Course heading, fly until you intercept that radial and track either inbound or outbound based on your radial choice… confusing? yes

It will be best to wait for a video tutorial to do that if you have no clue how to do that. It can be quite a lengthy process to explain.


A one you explained to me very well:)

When you mean track outbound radial do you mean fly to the VOr and then change heading once reached?

Track outbound on a radial means, you fly the reciprocal heading. So if you were flying inbound on the 090 radial, you’ll fly on the 270 radial once you cross over the VOR if you stay on the same BRG

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How can you see the inbound track to a 2nd VOR (NAV2) while checking the distance of the first one (NAV1) and not using any HUD?


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