How does the community feel about ATC?

I think the idea of ATC is amazing in IF. That being said…with the influx of pilots both mature and immature, I feel like it is a ridiculously overwhelming thing to do. I sat at home one day and listened to Approach at KEWR while I followed flights on flightradar,The woman controlling sounded like she was an Auctioneer with how fast she speaks to multiple aircrafts.

So to do that with your fingers… in IF… is EXTREMELY OVERWHELMING.

Much love and respect to all IFATC but I will not be joining anyyyyyytime soon. lol.

Whats everyone else’s thoughts?


Agreed. I believe that live ATC is a large percentage of the reason why people choose IF. The controllers volunteer their time to give the rest of us an experience above the rest. Thanks doesn’t say it enough. As soon as I feel comfortable enough I will absolutely be contacting IFATC for training and recruitment.


Thanks man I don’t speak for all of IFATC but we appreciate the recognition and enjoy providing a positive experiences for the pilot. It’s not without its struggles but we have an amazing group always eger to learn and do better.


I have been know to dabble in a bit of ATC at times on TS1. I enjoy the efficiency and precision required. It is tough work on a good day,I see it as me physically giving back to the community( Beside here and on the VA platform ) , as i know i love being under the supervision of ATC when flying , as it won’t be fun using Unicom 24/7 …


I see level in controlling much better than before. I feel i am being treated fairly every time i have an incident, which nowadays are almost never.
As i’m very active in the server i get to try almost all controllers, always have an amazing time and enjoy this very good level of controlling. Hope team keeps up this level, i see a great future in this community!

I now see that pilots level dropped. Maybe the community is bigger and needs to get more experience on the expert server, but again it’s my opinion only and from my point of view, IFATC is doing a great job.


Speaking as an IFATC specialist…it is difficult. But so is flying expertly. It is more fun then work (most of the time) to be a huge part of your flight.
However like you said, lol, if I’m working a bravo airport my fingers are flying over the commands and I’m looking in a million places at once. We have to watch (on ground alone) for aircraft distance from each other, runway incursions, aircraft spawn point in relation to closest active runway, trying to let you takeoff on a runway that will fit your flight plan if possible, dealing with nimrods who just graduated into expert and don’t know how to handle actual ATC with knowledge.
So agreed…speaking from expierence it is difficult but if it’s something you love doing it’s never work.
Many IFATC I know appreciate your kind words. You expert pilots are the reasons I keep logging in to control. So thank you!


Nice post, thanks!

And yes, being an ATC can be hard work, even though IF now has the shortcuts, which enable the ATC to give instructions quick and easy.

But isn’t it with all things we need to learn: we start small and relativly simple and then gadually grow. Everything looks huge if you haven’t started small.

Being an ATC on a busy aiport with the occasional misbehaving pilot can indeed be hard work. But hard work can be fun!

As an Advanced ATC I would not control if I am tired, or I cannot focus on what I am doing. And if an airport gets too busy, I look for help and we split the workload between Tower and Ground ATC.

I would not close the door on an ATC career to soon. Just start small and see if you enjoy it. And yes, you are allowed to be tired after an hour of controlling :-)


IFATC are certainly a skilled bunch. Controlling a busy airspace even just on the training server was stressful for me, but when I attempted to control at first I wasn’t too familiar with exactly where to find commands and that was probably the most frustrating part. Our expert ATC are trained very well.


Thanks for posting this. I’m actually waiting to see a “negative” response (more constructive criticism). Because I believe we can learn from dissatisfied pilot’s experience to make the ATC environment better.

With that said, we (IFATC) love controlling and have a fun time doing it (even when sessions are hectic). We are doing our best to cut down on those 25-30nm finals and utilize parallel approaches more when we can. This not only ups (Not U P S 😄) our skill level but allows you, the pilot, to get to your airport before your mom/dad or even husband/wife pulls you off that mobile device. So hopefully you all noticed a more expeditious flow going into some airports. be aware when you operate into a single rwy airport, that delays are more prevalent because we have to get planes out. This requires more spacing.

But what I dislike when I fly on the expert server is getting vectored on a 30nm downwind or a controller not utilizing all commands available (like speed to maintain and holding pattern). A 30 nm final can be avoided by having aircraft hold in stacks (hold at different altitudes) or keep spacing tighter btw planes (3-5nm) beside 10-15nm.

With any relationship to work, there has to be a good form of communication btw the two. In this case “the two” are the pilot and controller. Unfortunately the commands on IF limit what the pilot can say. FOR EXAMPLE: “Quantas 91 Heavy, present position, make a right 360.” Next the controller notices Quantas 91, has turned right to heading 3 6 0 and speeding towards Delta. The controller then sends a “please follow instructions” command and the pilot gets confused and signs off thinking they will get the dreaded ghost 👻. Yes, the pilot should have studied the tutorials before getting on the expert server but we all make mistakes. IF can limit pilot feedback while flying. A “Sorry, I don’t understand” command could be useful. So hopefully updated commands will continue to become available to both the pilot and controller.

I think I got carried away there 😂😂. All in all ATC is great and improving. Also, the pilots are doing a good job too.


This is also one of my biggest pet peeves. Also the non VFR mentality. Things are progressing now though.


I still control everyday on the training server, even though this happens.


the ATC members are awesome kind people they job on this game can get you sweaty so the pressure can be a little hard sometimes but you have get on with it and not just not do anything. when you have nimrods as well thats just an whole load of pressure by its self. but the game thing i had was fun when playing ATC on the expert server.

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thanks guy!
sincerely do ATC in IF is very fast-paced, above all when airspace controls is very busy, you have to be very focused and fast and does not make mistakes (also because the first mistake you get a complaint about in IFFG and forum), because we too are at risk IFATC ban and suspension at all times. we are also lovers of IF like all those that fly, so am very pleased to be confident that the work we do is appreciated
Thanks cheers


I wish I could be as good as this guy @MarcelloM 👈🏽


Holy cow 😱

Ahahah!the coolest approach controller in IF!😜

I would like to join, however I wouldn’t. ;)

I’m happy with controlling on training when I have live.

There’s not much to criticize about the advanced controllers, but I’d wish for some better communication sometimes. Maybe even open up GA airports instead of international airports.

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We’ve had several real world ATC tell us how real life ATC is easier in ways because you can talk faster and it just flows better. So having to deal with the slower process of finding the right command to press in the menu and (for those who don’t read and just listen) wait for Siri or Google to read out the message, along with higher than realistic traffic, it really is a challenge. I hope there is some way that can improve this in the future.

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