How does rework take place?

So a thought came into my mind, how does IF perform rework on aircrafts ? Do aircraft manufacturers give devs the information about their plane or do they gather it from the internet ? Also, how do they get real engine sounds and stuff like that because I’m sure they can not just record it from a YouTube video and put it in game…lol !! Do they design the models in CAD & later design and frame liveries meticulously…in short I just wanna know in-depth how does it all takes place behind the curtains…

They have lots of info about these things in their blogs section on

But in short: I believe they gather all the info themselves via the internet and pilots. They make their own models in 3DS Max with reference images. The sounds are recorded by a separate company and mixed by a professional sound mixer. I don’t know in which program they design the liveries, might be adobe photoshop. They can apply them to the UV Map (unwrapped model) that they made after making the 3D model.

Hope this answers your questions :)


Ohh !! Thanks for replying…I’ll check out the blog too :)

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