How does Regional flight work

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I was just wondering how does a 3 leg flight work for a British airways regional pilot. What airports do they fly to and can a pilot have a 4 leg flight in one day.

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What exactly do you mean by a British Airways regional pilot? As far as I am aware, BA doesnโ€™t have a current regional fleet that I know of.

Do you mean like short-medium haul (like 1-6 hours)?
In that case, usually a crew will fly either two or four sectors (a sector is a flight). Youโ€™d start and finish at the base airport.
London Heathrow - Madrid
Madrid - London Heathrow
[if the crew were doing a 2 sector day they would stop here].
London Heathrow - Frankfurt
Frankfurt - London Heathrow

You wouldnโ€™t usually have to spend the night away from base.

BAโ€™s biggest base is Heathrow, with another large presence at Gatwick.

Routes would be places in Europe and Africa within 6ish hours. These should be found on BAโ€™s website.


They have the E190


And an aircraft that I canโ€™t remember the name of it but looks like the avrorj100 missing son engines

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The Sun-Air Dornier 328JETs they operate (operated?) in the BA livery maybe?

Anyway, Iโ€™m pretty sure what Randriek is talking about is the BA CityFlier operations, I just know nothing about them lol


Oh yeah, forgot about them. They operate out of LCY, but other than that again no idea either.


The routes on the E190 from London City include many places also served on the Airbuses from Heathrow, eg Manchester, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Brussels. There are a few domestic destinations like Bristol and Newcastle, plus Jersey.

I suppose the clientel are mostly business orientated so that will be reflected in the type of cities served mainly.

The very shortest routes would most likely allow the crews to do 3 returns per day to 3 different destinations (ie 6 flights). That would be a long and tiring day, but their working weeks generally involve a pattern like 4 on 3 off.

One surprise for me I found in the BAVA route databaseโ€ฆLondon City to KJFK on an A318! Iโ€™m guessing the passengers donโ€™t take much luggageโ€ฆ


The A318 is configured in all business class seating so not too many passengers in the first place and has to make a stop over in Ireland sometimes but yes, itโ€™s very strange indeed lol


Must be an expensive flight!


Once we get 3D buildings at London City and an E190 rework then I will definately start flying those routes ๐Ÿ˜Š. โ€ฆuntil then, mehโ€ฆ


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