How does Penalty work?

Can anyone clarify what does the “Penalty” section do in the flight summary part? How does it affect other data? Such as 5% or 10%. Thanks in advance!

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Hello, the penalty section is based on any violations that you may receive during the flight. I’m not sure exactly what the the percentages are for each violation but as long as you receive none, it should stay at zero. Someone else might be able to go into more detail than I can :) Hope this helps.

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wait hold up I’ve been away from IF for a bit because of school

Are vios called penalties now?

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No they are still called violations. I think he’s referring to this page after the flight happens

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Oh okay. I forgot that exists. Thanks!

Now I would like to know what it is lol

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Why not bro?

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he’s a mod; probably has special privileges. I believe staff also have as many as they want.


The “Penalty” box in the flight summary is an old legacy thing that mattered from the times before we had the Grade system. We had something called “Standing” which was calculated in percentage.

This is just something that no one bothered to remove :)


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