How does overnight shipping work? (Wendover Productions)


This video is just amazing! Wendover details everything about Overnight shipping by using FedEx as an example.

He also mentioned my hometown of Manchester, NH (and Portland, ME)for when they need to use smaller planes to fly packages to smaller towns.

You guys have to see this video, it’s just a amazing!


I actually just watched this… Lol


It’s honestly insane how quickly packages are able to get shipped.


Wendover Productions just keeps getting better and better. His videos are just incredible. Simply amazing.


Wendover is quickly becoming one of my favorite youtubers. He makes fun, informative videos and it helps that he makes a lot of videos regarding aviation.


Saw this 1 min after it came out


Ooof he said 747-800.
But otherwise, great video! I’ve always lived Wendover Productions.


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