How does one take off & land in the mighty X-Cub?

I’ve been attempting to do some hops around the Bahamas and New Zealand with the X-Cub, but I never seem to be able to take off and land, the plane just flops and hits its wing. I tried watching Tyler’s tutorial but even his sovereignty couldn’t aid to vanquish my weakness any ideas & tips?

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Is your yoke moving on the screen when you tilt your device?

Not a lot. A little budge.

I had the same problem yesterday. I left the app and reopened it from the app switcher.

If it’s not that, try all the normal things: calibrating, checking your weight and balance, flying into the wind, gaining enough speed. Don’t set flaps too much and same goes for trim.

The crosswind limitation of this aircraft is 11kts. Anything higher than that can tip the plane over on its wing as you said. Soft rudder adjustments are crucial to keep the aircraft on the centerline and keeping the center of gravity where it needs to be.

I have two things about this. Firstly, you may be pushing down too hard. In my eyes, this must be the “flop”. The controls must be kept level when the plane begins to rotate. When at 50kts or greater, that’s when you slowly lift off the ground.

My second guess is that you’re taking off in a crosswind that’s too hard to handle. In that case, look for a runway that’s labeled in green or use some of your rudder pedals

What in the world is an app switcher? Forgive my Grade 2 absurdity master.

That could be a problem! 🤔

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That’s where you find all the apps you have open on your device (double tap the home button). Just try all the things I said above :)

Same thing with you an @infiniteflight_17 I’ll make sure to check those 2 features out.


Bruh, why am I so prehistoric? I’m a coder and don’t know this. 😂

Well I do, but not the name.


It would be better if you can post some photos so that we can know exactly the problems

They explained it totally fine for us to understand in their topic with what their issue is. We are able to assist with the info provided. :)

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Yeah the XCub is one of the hardest planes in Infinite Flight to land - due to it being a taildragger - it drifts quite a lot.

I think just practice - only make smooth adjustments and tiny rudder corrections.

It took me about 20 flights with the XCub to get used to it.

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You can thank our wonderful staff team for providing a tutorial for both of your issues. Clicking on the images will take you to a dedicated YouTube channel. I recommend you give them a watch.

I understand you have already watched them, but the best thing to do is watch them again and keep practicing. Everyone will have their own techniques, you’ve just got to find something that works for you


Aight, thank y’all so much!

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