How does mixture effect performance of the engine

I was testing out the C172 and noticed that mixture doesn’t do anything

This topic may be able to help you:

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Set the mixture to 0 at 10,000 feet and see what happens :)


The engine fails I know

Ah, then you see, it does do something.


Your not helping

Mixture is used to keep a constant ratio between fuel and basically the density of the air. The more dense it is the higher it needs to be to produce the correct takeoff thrust for example

This also can help as well

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What this does is when you push it all the way in, it is basically fuel and little air. However, when you get higher the air gets thinner, so you want to pull it out as you get higher, so the plane lets more air in and can fly high without stalling. You pull the mixture all the way out when you’re on the ground to stop the engine.
Hoped this helped!


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