How does Low power mode works?

I was doing MROC > KATL route with a B752, When i reached top of climb i went to eat a snack. And i went back at the middle of the flight and i got surprised because the phone did not overheated, and And it only spend 20% of battery, But like 30 mins later the phone started to heat and drain battery, And i got to close the flight just in descend, because i got a 20% at that point, And i will not damage my battery charging the phone while flying, When i reach top of climb i put the brightness on the lowest, Other thing that i need to say is that when the phone started to heat, there was a message saying: Low Power mode disabled, So how can i turn on and off Low Power mode? Thanks for read :3

Im not using 21.1

Low Power mode goes On and off automaticlly so you don’t need to press any button.

First off, use for these kinds of technical questions that do not involve Infinite Flight. (Unless I misunderstood the question, if so, oops)

Second, the way lower power mode works depends on the type of phone you use. For example, Apple’s mobile devices will display a prompt asking whether or not low power mode should be activated once the device’s battery reaches 20%.

If you’re on about low power mode on iOS settings (which I think is available for iPhones only, not sure though) , then the low power mode prompt comes in at 20% and you can choose to activate it then, and it will stay on unless you charge the phone to above 80%, where it will disconnect. Can also be controlled in the iOS settings app too.

If you’re on about the low power mode in infinite flight, this can only be activated open general setting in infinite flight through the “enable low power mode” button. If this button is ticked, then when you are away the low power mode automatically turns on when you are away (or when you are not touching the screen) and you will notice a considerable FPS drop. It then automatically turns off when you touch the screen.

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Low power mode basically insures that less battery is used for Infinite Flight. It can do this by dropping the frames. You may notice when it says “low power mode enabled” the frames drop significantly until you touch the screen, then it says “low power mode disabled” and the frames jump back up. This is why it came as a shock to you when you noticed not a lot of battery was used because whilst you were away the frames dropped and the rendering decreased.

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Yes he is talking about Infinite Flight:

You only get this message in Infinite Flight.

Make sure you understand the question first ;)

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