How does LiveFlight Work (Altitude & Flight Path)?


So as an avid user of infinite flight global, I, for almost every flight I do, track it using the amazing app LiveFlight. It’s essentially a FlightRadar24 for the IF Skies

However, I am curious to know as to how it exactly works in terms of tracking altitude and flight path. Here is an example of what I am talking about:

As you can see in image 2, near the beginning of my approach, where the path turns from pink—> dark blue all of a sudden, the app did not recept my decent through the 30,000s. The app registers those altitudes as a hue of purple, however, it simply skipped it and went straight to dark blue, symbolizing an altitude in the 20,000s. However, later on, we can see it change and recept my exact movements more preceisely when I enter the 10,000s and below, represented by the greens. It even registered my very sharp turn onto the localizer later on at KEWR. On top of that, it seems to be even more precise on the ground as represented by image 1.

My questions are these: How does LiveFlight work in terms of tracking altitude and flight path at various points in the flight and is there anyway to make it more sensitive like FlightRadar24, which tracks exact movements and altitudes whenever during the flight?

Thanks for you help, and safe flying guys! 😁

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If someone would guide me to whoever had developed this, I could simply pm them regarding this as well. Thanks for the help!

On the live flight website, I think that it lists the developers. I’ll take a look.

LiveFlight only gets position updates every 30 seconds (it’s how the API works, and to keep things running fast and smooth). Additionally, on longer flights, altitude changes at higher altitudes aren’t returned to make sure the map doesn’t run too slowly.

I have plans to release improvements to this in the near future


Alright, cool thanks! I think this topic can be closed now.

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