How does it feel to fly Long Haul?

I’ve never flown long haul in my life. I’ve only flown a medium haul to El Salvador twice from BOS.
BOS-MIA-SAL (American)

How does it feel to fly on a very long flight?


It can be a wonderful experience. Unless, like me, you end up getting a seat in the middle.

A1A2 I A3A4A5 I A6A7

I got A3 :(

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Oh man! I try to get the window seat, so that I don’t end up in the middle.

Wasn’t my choice :(

It can get boring when sitting in the middle, but it’s fun to look out the window at the clouds above and below. Even better when behind the wing. It may be loud, but watching the takeoff and landing from that spot is really fun.

Long story short, like a short haul flight, but longer, you have more time to sleep if you want, and it’s ususally more comfortable.


I’ve seen many videos of Long haul. Seems fun!

It’s great! My longest flight was from Panama to Las Vegas, I enjoyed the wonderful aerial view of the Yucatan Peninsula and the southwest part of the US even the Grand Canyon! The food for those trips are great as well.

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That was in a 737? Well for me it’s a good experience to be in a long haul flight, like from Rome to Los Angeles…

In a Boeing 737-800…really amazing that Copa exploits the 737 for these routes.

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My longest flight was about 5 hrs and honestly don’t know if I’d want to be sitting on a plane longer than that.

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My longest flight was probably around 9 hours, I like it because you can watch tons of stuff.

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That’s cool. By stuff you mean the water, mountain range’s, and other land features?

Btw was your FCO-LAX flight in an A330-200 or in a 777?

In a 777-200ER😊

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What kinds of “stuff”?🤔 I can see a lot of cool things in the air…even thunderstorms.

Yea, planes, mountains. Movies too lol

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hehe, Ive never been on a plane with IFE yet

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My longest flight was 6 hours. JFK - PVR. (In Mexico) it was either a 737-800 or an A320

If you get a window it is great

Such a long flight for a small plane.