How does it feel to fly in a Boeing?

I’ve never flew a Boeing. I only had the occasion to fly in airbus airplanes… is it any different in Boeing planes or is it just the same?

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It’s like flying in an ordinary plane…


In RL or IF?

Amazing! Boeing planes are great. (Not as comfortable as Airbus unfortunately)


Im talking about Real life

In RL I suppose, its in RWA.

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You are right the B777-300 aircraft usually means more seats in a 3-4-3 configuration and the B787 has inflight entertainment boxes limiting legroom while the A350 has them under the floor

I just want to fly the MAX when it comes out, and see what they’ve changed!

The narrow body Boeing planes are more comfortable than the narrow body Airbus ones. I like the A380 tho, it’s very smooth. But I like the 777 a bit better than the A380. Also 787s are awesome.

I hate the B787 the A330 for me was much better apart from a few modern things like ambient lighting but it’s much more comfortable

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Just wait until one of those dies and it takes an extra few hours to replace it.

It was in General before that ;)

Well, i don’t know i haven’t been on a 787 or A330 soooo

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Also, me being American might have an influence on liking Boeing more 😉

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I have a feeling the MAX will be not too different. When I compare the 787 to the 777, it’s just some posh things like mood lighting and dimming windows that don’t even dim all the way.

What the IFE?, the B787 I went on had a crappy system based on android so it couldn’t be used for the whole 6 hour flight but at least the A320 and A321 had a decent system which was far superior in my honest opinion because I could do everything the B787 one couldn’t which was nothing.

IFE depends on the airline actually.

Personally I flight Qatar airways Frome Doha to arlanda airport it what awesome I flight also with the Ethiopian airline but it’s not cool like Qatar service both airlines was 787-8 .

I flew Qatar on the B787 the A320, A321 and A330 and the Airbus aircraft were by far the best, I thought the B787 would be amazing but no it really wasn’t. In fact my family who know nothing about planes thought the A330 was much better as well

I know but I’m referring to Airbus VS Boeing for one airline otherwise yes there are really good Boeings and good Airbus aircraft so it’s not really fair

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