How does it feel to be aboard an A220 bombardier

This equipment is the competitor of the E195 from embraer.
If you’ve ever been on board one of these aircraft, tell me what it’s like to be on board this aircraft, how it’s landing performance, engine noise. Frankly, I’m an Embraer fanatic.

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My answer might be biased, but facts speak for themselves. The A220 gets the best ratings from passengers of aircraft in its class. It has a very high cabin ceiling due to a new fuselage form. You also get the widest seats, very big luggage compartments, more legroom due to a new seat design, mood lighting, a window in one bathroom, IFE, Wifi (window in the bathroom, IFE, and Wifi depend on the cabin the airline fits the aircraft with), very large windows (as big as the B777), and it’s more comfortable to lean against the wall of the cabin when you sit at the window because the sidewall is more straight which allows the shoulders to rest better. It’s also the only aircraft in its class to allow disabled persons in wheelchairs to independently and privately operate in the bathroom instead of flight attendants having to hold up a curtain. The engines have a nice sound but are pretty quiet and hence less distracting. Business Class can also feature real business class seats, and some airlines plan to fit the aircraft with lie-flat seats as well! Try it out, it’ll be a blast!

Here are a few graphics:


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