How does IFE work?


I’ve been wondering about this for a long time.

How does video IFE work? How does audio IFE work? How do airlines stream movies and music into their seats? How would airlines download content onto the seats? What supplies would be needed?


I think it’s some sort of unknown software like a custom Android or iOS

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So I would have to hook up the seat with an android/ios program.

I think it might work like a personal hotspot built inside your car,or those IFE scenes in some cars, but this is a guess.

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This may help to explain some.

It is more common for airlines to make you use your own device since most already have something. American for example will make you download and use the American app and then you can watch movies using the inflight wifi for free.

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I believe it’s that some aircraft have SATCOMS or those big bubble things on the top of the fuselage.

For example…

Some are internal, I believe.

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Those bumps are for the wifi.

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Although some airlines do now offer online streaming, often by connecting to onboard WiFi, in-seat IFE is usually stored on a main system which is physically onboard the aircraft, and the videos are viewed from this main system by the passenger.


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