How does IF connect to Foreflight pilot app & what is IF connect?

IF connect says it is experimental and allows you to enable IF connect API system. What does this mean?
Also, foreflight is a real world pilot app that is expensive, so how does IF (an online flight sim) utilize the real world piloting app? Or is the text meant to say Liveflight which is the IF tracking app?


Have a read through this:

In brief…

Infinite Flight Connect is a system that allows external applications to connect to Infinite Flight and control things like the autopilot, the joystick, Mouse, commands (flaps, gear, etc), get the state of the airplane, get the list of surrounding traffic, active ATC frequencies and more… quoted from above topic

Steps to use Foreflight with Infinite Flight:

Step 1: Enable Foreflight Link in Infinite Flight

Step 2: Spawn at your chosen airport in Live

Step 3: Open ForeFlight on another device. Keep in mind this device has to be on the same wifi network.

Step 4: In Foreflight, tap ‘More tabs and devices.’ You will then see Infinite Flight in the menu. Choose the ‘enabled’ option.

Step 5: Plan your route inside of Foreflight or Infinite

Hope this helped!


What is the foreflight thing? Did they mean to say liveflight and not foreflight?

Foreflight is a system/service/software for real world pilots.

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Oh my God! The Foreflight app looks so amazing (yet so expensive). Does IF Link work with Navigraph app as well?

IF Connect is the system that allows third party applications like @epaga’s In-Flight Assistant to connect to Infinite Flight. This is not what is used for connecting Infinite Flight to ForeFlight.

It’s not :)

I don’t think Navigraph supports the Infinite Flight API, thus meaning it doesn’t work with Infinite Flight.

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How do you connect my foreflight to IF

Did you just read the above post I put together for you?

Can it not be on the same device

No, it cannot be used on the same device. It’s not like the beautiful and utterly amazing In-Flight Assistant @epaga has made, which you can use on the same device. Foreflight connections to Infinite Flight are done differently to Infinite Flight Connect, as the Foreflight Link option had to be built around Foreflight, rather than vice versa for Infinite Flight Connect. I’m probably wrong. Ahem
Seb, where are you to confirm my theory ;)

Awww, shucks, thanks for the kind words. 🙂

And yes, you’re correct: ForeFlight is an app IF connects to via their API, whereas IF Connect is an API offered by FDS that accepts connections.


Foreflight devices is t working nothingnis coming up even though every setting is enabled and I am on the same wifi source

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