How does ghosting work?

Hi there I want to ask if you are gohsted when does your ghost go away. And how long it lasts for, I know what it is but I want to understand it more.

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Currently ghostings last for 7 days, meaning that you are restricted from entering the expert server for a week.

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It takes 7 days to go away, but will remain on your record for a period of time. See the grade table topic linked below which details the various aspects including reports (aka ghostings).

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Can I ask let’s say someone was gohseted on Saturday last week at 1200Z and there gohsted ended on Saturday the following week would there go host be gone at 1200Z?

Yes that is correct. Its exactly 7 days. Down to the day and time stamp of the ghosting.

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Ah okay then thank you. :)

For current information on ghosting:


Adequately answered. Plenty of information regarding durations of ghostings that can be found here on the forum.