How does Ghosting Work?

. I was in the training server and got ghosted. What do I have to do in order to get back to grade 2 or how long do i have to wait? Thanks

I believe you have to wait for 3 days for the violations to go.

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Will be really helpful if you send your grade table because I don’t know how you can get ghosted on training

Automated ghosting from continues violations.

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A system ghosting most likely.

I’m just gonna wait until he sends his grade table because that’s the direct evidence for us to help him instead of making assumptions now

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Thanks, but i am pretty new to global so im gonna ask a dumb question how do you send it to your grade table.

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Full tutorial here

By the way welcome to the forums :)

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Have you been ghosted in training before.

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I guess you never got the memo…last time l heard… 7 was the magic number not 3 !!!

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Really!! i thought 7 was for expert only gues not.

here are the photos of my grade table. Thanks for your help

Grade table won’t be helpful, the log book will.

Can’t be ghosted on the Training Server. If enough violations are accrued due to pilot error, the system will give you the ‘ol boot. Lots of helpful links listed above.

How long must you wait? The wait period is provided in your own screenshots. Read please before asking 🙃