How does ghosting work on Infinite Flight?

I kinda get the idea of ghosting, but how does it work on IF? How do you get ghosted, and most of all, why do you get ghosted? Is it a server problem or is it something someone does to you? Just a quick question.

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Ghosting on Infinite Flight causes the ghosted user to disappear to other users, although the ghosted user may still continue their flight and see others. A user can be ghosted by other pilots or Advanced ATC. Typically a user is ghosted for being a nuisance or not following instructions. Many times vulgar callsigns or “trolling” will cause other users to ghost/report a user.

Advanced ATC will ghost users that are not following specific control instructions and procedures after being warned. Being ghosted 2 times in a 24 hour period will cause 24 hour ban from the Advanced Server. 3 times in a week will cause a one week ban on the Advanced Server. This provides great incentive for users to remain a mature part of the live environment, helping other’s enjoy their experience as well.


If you are on Advanced server and don’t listen to the ATC controllers commands, you can be ghosted…there will be a pop-up message that will tell you

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Ghosting happens either because:

  • ATC (Advanced only) ghosts you because you did something wrong (they do sometimes make mistakes)

  • 3 users report you in a short amount of time

@Tyler_Shelton @CptNathanHope @Freddiefrogs Thank you! Now that I am able to be on Advanced I’ll be more careful with what I do!


If only everyone was like you :)


PM the controller who ghosted you. If you can’t recall who it was, contact an ATC moderator.