How does a touch & go work?

When people say touch & go what does that mean? Like what are you supposed to perform during those?

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You touch down then go back up into the air again. It’s pretty simple. It does what it says on the tin 😂


Ohhhh ok thank you guys!

Usually ATC only does that when requested, or a plane remains in the closed pattern. If the airport is full an airplane will likely remain in a holding pattern or divert.

Touch and go: Same as remaining in the pattern when taking off; you fly a pattern around the airport, landing on the runway each time, taking off again after you retract flaps; used to practice landing

Go around: Used when you’re cleared to land, but if you continue it will result in a runway incursion; ie plane still on the runway; NOT the same as announcing inbound

Missed approach: cleared to land, runway is clear, but conditions (weather, pilot error) won’t allow you to land safely


A touch and go is literally when you touch the wheels down on the runway, then takeoff from the runway in the same instance.

Ok everyone. This has been answered. There is only so many ways and times that someone can say what it is. Please do not repeat information as it just clogs up for the forum.

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