How do you view your Trust Level

Hi, guys, I wanted to make a VA and I hear some people saying I need TL2, I can view others TL but not my own, how do we view it.


Hello Sammy!

Please Utilize #support for any app related issues, anything about the forum would go in #meta ;)

Go into your profile and you will see your trust level, you’re currently a basic user (TL1). Keep liking posts and making positive contributions to our community and you should be there shortly, when you reach TL2 you will receive a notification.

Have a great one sir!



this is what i see 41%20am

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You then need to click your name, then it brings you to your full profile!

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no it brings my activity

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Can you see a button that says “expand”?

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@Chris_Hoover hey (me sam from past American Virtual)


nope @Starley i cant where should it be

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It’s in the top right corner of your profile

then i see this 46%20am

Click on your name right above my notification

ok i will do that Hates Minimum Character limit

OH ok found it thanks


thanks @BigBert10 thanks

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