How do you use VNAV. And what is it for

It’s new, how do u use it

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Everything you need to know about VNAV & the like is in the User Guide below:


So it just descends for me?


Baisically you activate it during cruise and descends at the best rate depending on the speed

does it land for you like appr, or does it just get to ur alt restriction

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It brings you to the alt restriction in the most efficient way

Ah, thanks infinte2674

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If you have any other question about the update, pm me, I will be glad to help you

does it just descends the plane, do i have to arm the spoilers and turn on flaps manually?

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Yes, you have to do that. Also, you have to monitor the flight because you will have to turn on spoilers.

Ah ok, thats all my questions, appreciate it mate

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