How do you use trim?

How do you use trim? I know this is a duplicate but the last one from 2015 and It didn’t even answer the question- It was just full of bickering. I understand what it is and its purpose but from videos, forum posts, and tutorials I’ve realized its a bit more complicated. I thought it was used almost solely to relive the amount of pressure needed to move the yoke or sidestick. I’ve noticed people use it a lot on cruise and just on autopilot when not even needing to use controls. I’ve heard It can increase efficiency also. I hope this isn’t too confusing and any help is appreciated!

If anyone feels so passionate about this being duplicate, tell me and I will remove.


It’s a simple as:
If you want to pitch up without doing the work use positive trim.
If you want to pitch down without doing the work use negative trim.

Use trim on takeoff as well.


Here is a very good tutorial to using the trim:

Trim is mainly used to increase fuel efficiency of a flight.

Thank you I will look more into that!

Yea I know that, but I’m confused about using it during cruise

Do you see a pink line above and below?
Just give trim in the direction that line is until the pink isn’t there.

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I didnt know that! thanks you!

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No problem!
Glad to be of service. Don’t hesitate to PM me if you have any more questions :)

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