How do you use the new Navigation tool in A/P?

Hey everyone!

I don’t understand how to use the new Navigation system in the A/P. I set my navigation for a flight from OMDB-VIDP, and the plane started to turn left and off course.

The youtube tutorial wasn’t helping me fix the problem. Could someone please tell me how to use the navigation system on autopilot?

Firstly, create your beaut FPL.

Once that’s done and you’re in the skies and wanting to activate NAV;

  1. Head over to the “NAV” UI, and make sure the source is set to “GPS”.

  2. Head over to the “AP OFF” UI, click on the “APPR/NAV” button, then click on “NAV” and the autopilot should follow your FPL (:

Lemme know if you’ve got any questions about the process!


Ok, I will try and let you know.

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Same experience with me at first. Just make sure on Navigation button to set source with GPS not NAV1! But till now I’m finding out how to set Approach with GPS??

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If you’re looking at how to activate APPR with the new UI, be sure to check out this fabulous tutorial;

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Yup it’s a nice tutorial, but I’m just curious how to do GPS approach! But It seem we can’t do this anymore with this update. But it’s ok, we can do this with visual approach…more challenging & interesting.

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Thanks @Luke_M! It works!

I don’t know why, but in the flight before this post, it wasn’t working, so I reset the device just to be sure and then started again. It worked, but unfortunately, on my second flight, something happened and my plane crashed…

GPS approaches only support lateral guidance now and not vertical (glide slope). If you have the navigation source set to GPS and have a flight plan you’ll have lateral guidance.

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GPS approaches in Infinite flight were never correctly shown, until this update. GPS approaches provide you with lateral navigation with verticle benchmarks, most typically RNAV. As I’m typing this looks like @Trio answered already, but I’ll provide a bit more of a visual aid. Most airports have some sort of charts, you can google them or I often use which has charts for all US Airports, the rest I usually google.

Take the RNAV for KMRY as an example, as you can see on the chart there are plotted waypoints on it which are usually up to date in Infinite Flight. You plug them into your flight plan, then while descending follow thE cross section below that shows the proper altitudes based on the waypoints. If you want to look at what certain symbols mean, take a look at this great resource Trio found as well.


Building off this point, there is a very useful tutorial that can help you read these charts and understand how to use them: How to read an approach chart..?

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