How do you use QuickTime Player to record on your iPhone?

I would like to record a flight on IF on my iPhone, I believe you can use QuickTime Palyer on a Mac to record, but how? Thanks in advance :)

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  1. Plug in iPhone
  2. Go to Quicktime player>File>New Movie Recording
  3. Click the downwards pointing arrow beside the record button
  4. Select Microphone and Camera as “Apple iPhone”
  5. Click Record and voila! Make sure to save video afterwards.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! And does the microphone record outside noises like a TV?

No, it records the audio directly from your iPhone.

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If you only select the iPhone as the audio source, it should not record anything else other than the game. But I’ve always recorded in my office space, so I’m not sure if external noise will be recorded.

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Okay, thanks! I’ll try it later :)

Does this only apply to a Mac or can it be done the same on PC.

It works like a charm! thanks @Danman!

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I’m not sure, I only do Macs. I try to avoid Windows.


Excellent, glad to help!

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