How do YOU use APPR mode?

I see a lot of people will use auto land to get down to the runway and then turn it off and do the rest yourself, but I will rarely see people let auto land do the whole thing. What do you do?

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Heya buddy, this is a question that has been brought up multiple times before.

These threads have been closed (with the exception of the one surrounding the new HUD), but hopefully you can find the information you need from them!

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Thx👍 I knew how to use APPR, I just wanted to know how other people do it. Thx again!

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Welcome to the community, @Red8911! PM or reply to me if you need anything at all, I’m happy to help!

To answer your question, I sometimes use APPR the whole way down, sometimes I disable it near the ground, sometimes I don’t use it. Just depends for me really.

Do you see what’s wrong with this?

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That’s when he gets TL1. Notice I said “or reply”

Oh gotcha! Just making sure.


To clarify what we are talking about, you cannot PM (Private Message) other users until you become TL1 which you can easily achieve by simply posting and liking.

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The perfect tutorial…

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