How do you uncenter text?

This text is centered.

How can I make this text look left aligned? What do I have to type?

</div< but with a > at the end.

</div align=center>

Often works for me.

Check out this tutorial here:

Text alignment is there

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The align=center isn’t needed. Just the div with the slash.

< div align = left >

<div align=left>

That’s what I use to get it out of center

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Yes, that’s the solution, I just discovered it, thanks

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This is
A test message



But please, don’t forget to use:


… when closing out the segment. Have had to help several times to clean up half-broken topics due to people not closing their formatting properly and have used various shortcuts that have stopped working with Discourse updates. On large topics, it takes much longer than one would like :)

Thank you <3

Actually, it’s not. One day that might stop working, which is why it should be done properly instead :)


I’m more curious how you made it centred

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