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There is a group in Korea. Their crew’s name is AW Aero World. Their crew has many elementary school kids. And there was a fight between few other groups in Korea because of AW has an uncontrollable leader. Then one day, one of my group member ghosted because he got 3 reports while flying FL350 at Singapore region with no reason. Then after few days there was another ghost with my another group member with no reason. And he looked at map and saw AW in group flight. And at AW’s chatting room, there was a discussion about that. What can we do. It is really annoying. Any way to get them banned forever?

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Provide their usernames in flight.

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Ayeeeeeee they are 12 year old aren’t they?

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Groundspeed is irrelevant unless it’s a fighter. Violations are hard coded for airspeed.

tell them to 꺼저

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