How do you tell when you are on a 6 mile final?

well, the title is the question I want answered so if you could help me out then thanks!
I need this for ATC too

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Hey! There’s a few ways to check:

  • You could check your flight plan to see how far you are from the airport. There’s also a “Distance to Destination” tab on the bottom menu, which you can set up.
  • You could check the DME information that shows up on the PFD or the HUD, if you’re flying a VOR or ILS approach.
  • If you’re free-flying VFR, quickly go into your flight plan (the “globe”) and create a direct-to path, to the airport. It’ll then show up on your flight plan.

And if you’re controlling approach/departure/center you can drag from the plane to the runway threshold and their distance will come up


Hm, I’m not quite sure. If this is correct.

The nav point is set to where the tower is/ middle of the airport. On final, as far as I understood, shows the point when the plane pasts the runway threshold. So you have to consider the runway length. The calculation is not that easy.

I personally look at the figure close to the localizer when on GPS/ILS approach. But I’m not sure if this value shows the right distance.

A Radar controller is able to use the drag feature to get the exact value. That’s right.

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Yes but it’s a good estimate. Better than not knowing at all.

The most accurate way is of course the DME.

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That’s true.

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