How do you tell the controller I want to land?

I am new here and I am finding this difficulty

“Inbound” and select full stop also check this out for future help.


How you call that you’re inbound? You basically select call inbound and landing. If you wanna request a runway you click on “request specific runway” but be aware that not always will the controller allow you for that runway.


Thanks for help😁

I am finding a difficulty knowing how to tell the controller where you are

Use the “Check In” or “Report Position” commands from the ATC Tower communication menu. For details on what all the terms and commands mean, I encourage you to check our “Tutorials” category. Everything is explained in a significant library of excellent written and some video tutorials.

Edit: I forgot the most obvious…haha…“Call Inbound” is a real good way to tell the tower you’re intentions.


I use this kind of check in pretty often, but I’ve experienced that some Adanced ATCs answer saying “No Pattern work accepted”.

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Lol…can’t believe did this topic…I was a noob back in the day…Thank you guys…