How do you takeoff and land in the XCub?

I have always wanted to do some good xcub flying but it’s always a struggle trying to get it off the ground without spinning out, When I land I always spin out also, it’s either too much rudder input or too little.

Please reference the following tutorials:


Thanks I’ll check them out!

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If you want a basic STOL takeoff “crash course” here is what you do.
1.) Ensure brake is on
2.) Set flaps to 16
3.) Ease the throttle forward while pushing down on the stick until the tail rises
4.) Once the tail is off the ground and the plane is “level” release the brake
5.) Keep the tail off the ground and after a couple seconds pull up on the stick

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Yeah you can’t brake too hard because you will tip foreword

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Don’t use all of your brakes. Your gonna tip. Practice makes progress you need a tiny bit more runway then you think you need. 5 knots makes a difference. When you land you have to keep your speed in the low Green. Flare pretty late and you should have a good landing. Hope this helps.


Thanks I used the tutorials and it worked now I know how to take off the xcub! This can be closed now.

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