How Do You Take In-Flight Photos?

This question might seem really stupid, but the only reason I’m asking is because every time I go to take a screenshot during my flights, the app crashes. This is really annoying on long-haul flights, and the problem isn’t because I’m accidentally pressing the home or power button out of sync. Has anyone else had this issue? If not, then how are you guys taking your photos?

Your device and OS information please so we could better assist you.

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I’m using an iPad Mini 2, and it’s running the latest OS (iOS 11.1). The app is also running the latest update.

The iPad Mini 2 may not be the smoothest at running Infinite Flight anymore with the global update and iOS 11. Try turning down the graphics quality in settings.

I’ve thought of that but hey, that kind of defeats the purpose of taking scenic photos.

Well then good luck getting a screenshot mate.

You can just try lowering all your graphics settings to see if it doesn’t crash, and then find the highest you can have the settings without a crash.

Well that’s the exact reason I created this topic, mate.

Here’s your advice

Also try clearing your RAM by force restarting your iPad. Have a great day!

Sorry that I’m not solving this question, but I do have the same question. I found that every IF photos are clear from navigation buttons and status bar, which when I tried to do screenshot, the nav buttons always included.

Is there any specific screenshot app to take those pictures?

Check “Hide Status Bar” under Settings > General

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I already know that option, but everytime I took screenshot they came up right before snapped.

Are you sure you’re not touching the screen while taking the screenshot?

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Try going to settings-> universal acces-> assistive touch. Then go to assistive touch’s settings, use minus to reduce the number of icons to one, then tap on the icon and select screenshot in the list.