How do you switch radio frequencies to match your destination's frequency?

Hello! I am new to Live flying, and I would like to know how to switch radio frequencies to match my destination airport’s frequency. How would I do that?

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Simply select the tab on the bottom left, click on tune out of frequency, and connect to the destination airport frequency :)
The destination airport frequency may not appear if the aircraft is far from it though.


Click the button where the red arrow is pointing.


Yes, the airport frequency would only appear if you are at most 27NM from the airport.


Could someone post a video here, or create a tutorial on it?
Since I am still confused.

My friend you just click the little headset icon. Unfortunately you cannot tune into destination frequencies unless you are I believe 25 NMs out from your destination airport. This may possibly be added into the future but it isn’t presently available. Hope this helps :)


Ok everyone, thanks for the help!

And for anyone that didn’t know how to do it (like me) follow there instructions, it’s very easy!

Thanks again too you guys, and Happy Holidays!