How do you survive long haul flights?

So recently I just got in doing long hauls and I cannot stand looking at the map. Are there any tips people can give me?


What I do is I watch it until it gets to cruise then I do normal stuff in my life and I come back to land


Take off at night and go to bed. Wake up in the morning and land.


Yea… I am actually doing that right now…

What if you oversleep?

On my way to TJSJ

If you have enough fuel remaining, your flight will remain the last heading input,
If you don’t have enough, your flight will come crashing down.

Instead of just looking at the map, you could look at the scenery near you, and you can take great pictures.

You could set an alarm

So I can give a suggestion is actually setting an alarm, or bringing extra fuel…

Yeah alright. Maybe another way is start early in the morning and you might arrive in the afterrnoon or evening

I’ve been doing a lot of long hauls lately too. I suggest either doing school work, watching youtube, twitch or tv to pass the time. I also study up on different Approaches or even reviewing your approach.

Okay thanks for the help! I need tips so I can do flights for WestJet Virtual and Singapore Virtual.

When I first started long hauls, I once overslept on a flight from Beijing to Calgary, so I just found the nearest suitable airport that could handle me, and landed there, which ended up being Denver.

The reason I’ve been doing a bunch long hauls is so that I can fly and that gives time to work on my school work.

I set my flight, make sure when I need to wake up, charge my device and go to bed. I don’t have to worry my flight until I wake up and land so it’s not that I have to actually sit through it. The majority of the flight and my long hauls are done while I am sleeping.

My guide

Eat lots of sugary stuff



Watch all the good stuff on YouTube and TV

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Turn around fly back or land at the nearest international airport

This isn’t real world 👍🏻

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And yet all of those can be done while playing IF as long as you have a second device!