How do you stop stalling with planes

Every time I use planes some just stall for no reason like the Cessna anyone willing to help me stop it or teach me how to fly correctly and one thing that might help is it usually happens when I am climbing up the altitudes.

Your flaps may be to high or you may have to high of a VS

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Go to A Guide to Step Climbing This will teach you how to fly without stalling.

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If you start stalling cut the throttle

Make sure to take of at or above 150 knts and engage AP 1000 ft after takeoff and a climb rate of 1500-3000 with flaps engaged (make sure not to high). As IFP Aviation said, use that thread, that’s just how I don;t stall

How do I use VS on the airplane

Wouldn’t you just stall more at that point?


Reduce your climb rate or pitch. If you’re stalling start to dip down to gain speed and remain level flight for the time being.

I meant add more power my bad

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Yeah, that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do.


Hahahaha, yea my bad. That the stuff that makes u crash


You can’t really use it… but u can set it…

In airliners, VS while climbing is usually between 1800 and 3000 depending on your current altitude, speed, and load. Definitely check the links above.

it’s honestly not hard to not stall 😉 just fix one or two things and you’ll be fine

For the Cessna… The climb should be 400-1000 (Set VS in AutoPilot) but its really the rate of your vertical climb

You want him to step climb in a Cessna 😂


Why exactly would you do this? 🤦‍♂️


Before everyone ruins you. You are stalling because you have too high of an angle of attack causing you to loose airspeed.

Pitch for speed, throttle for altitude

Stall recovery

  • Rudder toward the high wing
  • Pitch down
  • throttle full
  • gain speed
  • Slowly level off

Check out the Mentorship program


@WardellStephenCurry in the Cessna 172 you should climb at whatever rate will hold your airspeed at 79 knots. This is usually around 800.

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@WardellStephenCurry… MaxSez: See The in App 172 Training Video.
The 172 is the best place to start. Master it then move on to bigger stuff.
Additionally, there is a How to fly a C-172 Video Series on UTube. (a Video is better than 1000 IF Comments) Check it out. The IF 172 handles similar to the real deal. Welcome Aboard Regards

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So I am not new I actually joined in 2015 just made a new account and I do remember most things not all.


Change your trim too. A negative trim will keep the nose down for takeoff. I see lots of people stalling immediately after takeoff.