How do you stop airplanes from drifting after a landing?


How do you stop ALL planes from skidding, this is becoming a consistent problem!

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You firstly use the rudder to stabilise the aircraft, recommended 10ft before touchdown.

I’ll recommend a very good video showcasing crosswind Landing and how to deal with stabilising your aircraft upon touchdown. I hope this helps!


It usually happens when the aircraft bounces and the reverse thrusters are still on, and when im trying to stablize the aircraft on the runway, thats when it usually drifts.

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To stop the bouncing make sure you do a good flare. The normal touchdown V/S is around -200/300 make sure to use rudder to align with the runway centreline. This should stop the skidding.

Thanks, will do!

Just but your spoilers armd and apply the breaka before touching donw and control the center withe rudder

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Also make sure you have “auto-coordination” turned off in your settings. This will de-link your ailerons and rudders and make controlling aircraft in crosswinds much easier!

Auto coordination is only for the ground, it doesn’t work in the air.

I’d recommend watching a video on ground effect. There are a lot of physics behind a solid landing that doesn’t involve drifting off centreline.

I was talking about touchdown. I find that turning off auto-coordination helps in that immediate moment after touchdown when the aircraft swings to the side.

What speed are you landing at? And also what is your landing weights when this happens. This may occur because you are coming in too hot or too heavy. I also recommend using the rudder slide down brake feature instead of just landing with the parking brake already on.
Hope this helps, Happy Flying!

I come in at around 185K, is that bad?

I would recommend slowing to around 140-150 knots for touchdown. Hope this helps!

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Okay, i’ll try it!

Good luck! Tell me if it works and if it doesn’t I will try to find another solution.

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