How do you split the controls on iPhone?

I know it is like that on the iPad but it shouldn’t be on my iPhone.
Here are my iPad controls:

And here are my iPhone controls:

Shouldn’t the controls on the iPhone be spilt into two columns? How do you change it?

I’m sorry that the controls on the iPhone didn’t come up but it is the same as the iPad for some reason

The controls on my iphone are sort of similar. I have the autopilot and throttle to left, but the rest of the controls to the right. I don’t think there is a way to change it. What iphone model are you using and the OS?

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iPhone X and iOS 11…

Since it is a brand new phone, that might be why the controls are off. Similar problems have happened to brand new models from what I understand. Honestly my best guess, beyond that I can’t help you anymore.

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That’s what I want, the autopilot to the left, but my iPhone has everything except for the throttle to the right

Do you have the iPhone X Plus? If so, that’s how it’s formatted to fit the big screen.

iPhone X support will be arriving with the next update according to the developers.

Yes but do you think this is apart of the issues involving the iPhone X?

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The issues of controls/buttons not showing up might be because you are trying to use two devices at the same time. Try quitting out of Infinite Flight on your iPad and fire up IF on your phone. The controls should return.

No no no, that’s not the problem, the controls show up, they just didn’t in the screenshot, the problem is that why isn’t the controls split into two columns like autopilot and throttles on the left side of the screen and the rest of the controls on the right side of the screen.

My iPhone automatically does it… Probably depends on size/model

I want it to be like this
This is a screenshot of another person’s IF video

There’s no X plus, it’s just X, one size fits all :)


Makes sense. I always thought Apple made a Plus model with every normal one. Interesting!

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Well how the tides have turned… ;)

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It’s just that your phone is so big that the format that fits on an iPad also fits on your iPhone X. Don’t know if this is permanent or maybe the devs will fix it in a later update. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do for now.

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Just a fast fact, there is a plus model for the 6, 7, and 8


The Infinite Flight Team is working hard with the iPhoneX for the app. Stay tuned and expect an announcement from the team.