How do you spin the 757?

How do you pull of the 75 Spin?

@Butter_Boi how did you do this?

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What do you mean? ‘spin’

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The thing where the 757 goes spinning.

Ok so first thing you want to do is set your trim to 100%. Then you want to go full throttle. Next, you want to get the rudder to turn left or right. So, you click on the map as your holding the rudder to which direction you want to turn and then let it go once you have the rudder stuck. And then which way your turning, you have to have the engine in that direction your turning OFF . So let’s say I’m going to the right as I do the glitch. So I’d turn off engine number 2. Then as your doing that you’ll get momentum. Also, once you start spinning, tilt your device up. And you have just accomplished the B757 spinning glitch.


Thank you. Let me try it now

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Done it worked!


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