How do you select speed or anything

So then autoland isn’t the problem…

Welp @ChiefPilotLachy I done. Can’t figure out the problem…


Ok. In that case I don’t get what our issue is and I can’t help you.

how do i get apppr on my scren

This is like an annoying game of chaise

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Welp, I sorry @ItsSummit1 but I just don’t know your problem.

hey man how do I get APPR on my dashboard

Only certain planes Ada capatible with APPR

like what do you do when you press it and like what planes?

Select an aircraft that has it. Like the Airbus A321. Then fly it. You will find an APPR button. That’s the autoland.

For how to use it, go here:

that was a fun reading it


After enough wrongs, he’ll hopefully make a right

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Glad you enjoyed it smh

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My brain melted while reading all of this…


What version do you have, with SPD, HDG, ALT and VS on the LEFT side?
They’re on the RIGHT side in the version I have on the iPad.

I thought iOS always had those commands at the left side.


my Samsung has the autopilot the left but my ios has it on the right side

That image was taken on an iPhone 6s @Jan_Polet the interface between that and my iPad Air are different.


That is becous:
If they are on the left side its a small devise and if its on the right side its a big devise @Jan_Polet

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