How do you select speed or anything

hey anybody can help me. So i click speed and want to put that speed in but when i do it goes slower and it screws me up. Please help


You’re probably talking about the autopilot. Once you’re in the air and want to select an airspeed, you click the speed button and drag your finger up from there to increase the speed. You drag it down to decrease your speed.

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YEA i do that but when I’m going fast i click it then my plane goes insanely slow from the speed of me going fast and it screws me up

Can anyone make sense of this? To increase your speed. Slide your finger upwards on the speed box. Do decrease, side your finger downwards.

If your struggling to maintain a certain speed or are speeding up while decending. You should keep your eye on your VS. Because physics takes over at that point.


When you’re accelerating and you click it, It’ll hold the current speed you had from when you selected it. If you’re accelerating at full power, which you shouldn’t do, and press it, it’ll cut the power until it reaches that certain speed you selected, then it’ll stabalize

yea ik that but how do you elect it instead of sliding then pressing it

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You press it first then slide it

Sorry. Your making no sense. I’ll take a screenshot of what it looks like

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Ok sorry for the quality this is on my iPhone 6s I rarely use it for IF. This was immediately after takeoff. You press the speed button. And it will lockout ur current speed. Then to increase it. (Like I’m doing) your swipe up with the locked speed. Vise Versa for decreasing speed.

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ik that but it doesn’t lock in

Press it first. THEN swipe up and down. It’s locked in when it illuminates in Yellow.


ik i did that

I give up then.

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@ItsSummit1 What aircraft are you using? That my help.

737-800 boeing



Is that your problem? The throttle? (The one the red arrow is pointing to).

no man but how do i pm people

@Godzilla_Gamer I’m out of ideas.


@ItsSummit1 Is it Autoland or APPR your talking about?

autoland man