How do you see aircraft nm from airport in ATC Ground frequency?

I couldn’t find a topic on this, and it’s something I’ve been wondering for a while now:
On the map, is there a way to see how far an aircraft is (in nm) from the airport you’re controlling?

[Edit: Btw I’ve changed the title to see nm from Ground instead of just any ATC frequency.]

If you click on the aircraft and look at their information it should say it around the bottom of the screen that pops up.

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If they have a flight plan set up.

I feel like it’s really obvious and I’ve just been completely blind…
@KillR ok I’ll check later if I see it

Click on aircraft
Keep finger on screen
Drag finger to your airport that you are controlling
Distance shows

If an aircraft is inbound to your airport, you can go to the status screen where it will give you a list of all the aircraft due to land, how far away they are and how long it’s going to take the, at their current speed.

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Usually I do Tower and/or Ground, not Approach/Departure.

The screen showing all the arrivals?

No, he means…when you tap the aircraft, then click show information…then you can see the speed, alltidute…

Or, when you tap the aircraft, on the top right (airplane info; data tag) , it says XXXNM. Example:


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That’s really weird, I’ve never noticed that somehow…

It should be there. I am not really 100% sure if this is only available on Expert. Can you please open a Tower frequency and tell me if it works?

Yes, I’ll try it.
And is there a way to see NM from Ground? Sometimes I need to know if it’s safe to let an aircraft cross a runway.

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Only from Tower frequency you can see how far an aircarft is.

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Ok yes, I see where you’re talking about on Tower. Thank you!
Is there an option for Ground though? Maybe that’s what I have been wondering about. If not, is there a feature request posted about this?

You can try what Mags said ^^

I can’t find any feature request about it. You can utilize the search button and search yourself too for existing topics

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This screen buddy

Ok yeah, thank you. I’ll try to not be blind in the future :D
So it’s confirmed there’s no way to see aircraft distance from the map while controlling Ground? Just making sure.
@Thomas_G I guess it was that screen then. But your info helped too!

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Once they get to the furthest away blue ring its 30 miles next is 20 then 10 then 5. That’s all I can tell you.

Which rings? The huge rings circling the airport on the map?
If it’s those rings, are you sure they go out to 20nm and 30nm…

Not nm just miles and the blue ones