How do you ScreenRecord?

I have the IPhone 7 Plus and I want to screen record the game but it won’t let me. I had a android tablet and I could on that one


It’s because your on IOS. It’s illegal to record screens without Apple concent or something. I use QuickTime on mac


Yes, I also use QuickTime, the other option is Shou (From the App Store).


I believe you can download apps for it

Not available anymore.

Use quicktime with a computer, alternatively AirServer.


I have tried but there not good

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No it’s still on

AirShou? I believe it was patched, but you might find it still on an unofficial site…

Oh no not airshou just shou is the browsing app, AirShou is the recorder… :)

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Mr @Hunter_Mccarty

At this time there are no convenient and quick ways of recording your screen. Airshou was out the window and my channel has been lost from that. But if you have a Mac then use Quicktime. Other than that hopes are gone.



You can use Vidyo too, but AirShou works better than Vidyo.

Check out my little tutorial for detailed instructions:

There actually is a way now.

If you have a mac you can screen record from on that using quicktime.

iRec is pretty good (unless you have a developer beta), AirShou sucks unless you like putting in really loud Russian music in the background to cover up the background noise, as AirShou records from the microphone, not the device speakers.

It’s not illegal. In fact, Apple introduced screen recording into the iOS ecosystem in version 9.0. It’s up to the app developers to take advantage of the screen recording in their apps. FDS have better things (like global) to do than that.

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I use the in flight screen recorder provided with Infinite Flight on android :)

Well I don’t use android

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