How do you screen record?

Hi am wondering on how do you record

How you record your screen?

Yes I think so

Operating system?

Apple iPhone 6

IF doesn’t currently support screen recording on iOS.

Connect your iOS device to a Mac.

as @Freddiefrogs said and to do that, visit this topic :)

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Go to
After it’s done downloading go to settings-General-Then your going to see Device Management! Once you do that hit trust and your ready to go!

NOTE You must need a Shou.TV account which will pop up in Airshou!

Adding on that, u also need an invitation code…

Not anymore!

use your macbook to record with quicktime player

airshou records in 1080 p

Don’t have a macBook

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I try to log on with Facebook but it dose not let me

I’ve tried that once and my iPad/iPhone weren’t coming up as devices. Both of my devices are up to date and my MacBook is on 10.7.5 is it outdated or something?

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Airshou is now recording my passwords.
And I’m not kidding. It just turns on when I’m not using it so that’s one company I don’t trust.

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Well, that’s what happens when you leave it on in the background on the page telling you to connect to AirPlay. You need to close the app so you won’t accidentally have AirPlay doing that.

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