How do you remove the HUD.

Hi there! I have always wondered how people take cockpit screenshots without the HUd in the way, so, how do you remove it?

Next to the ATC symbol where you can change pages, if you hold it down on the first HUD selection part you can remove it. If you dont understand still I can get some screenshots for you

Hold the window thingy which is used for accessing the map and systems. At the HUD section move up twice to HUD 2. This removes the HUD. Also activate interface timeout for the interface to disappear.

@Chatta290 beat me to it.

Glad we could help :)

Alright! Thanks guys. @Chatta290 Screenshots would be appreciated.

Check the initial post, you can see next the screenshot, hold down that until you see those options and slide up until you get to the top then release.