How do you recreate a Microburst in IF (Solo)?

I would like to know how, if possible, to have a microburst in IF, using certain winds, gusts, and turbulence. Thanks!

I don’t think it’s possible, as that involves a powerful burst of air from above.


Put all winds setting up

Set your tempature all the way down

set your visiblity all the way down

enjoy aproach

Ok thanks a lot! I’ll try that out now.


Does it haas to be a head wind or a tail wind?

What do you mean?

Depends on your airport, if it’s SFO then it’s side…

But do you have to have an tailwind or an headwind to recreat an microburst? Or a crosswind?

If do followed the instructions, winds setting spall up, you should get side wind,

But once you start moving winds will throw you around like a real microburst

Ohh ok, thaat was what.i wanted to know thanks.

I suggest Coli,Bing to a high altitude in solo mode,

Go to weather and change your winds setting, that’s how you get the joy of a microburst

Happy flying!

Adding to what @AlotQuestions has said @Kyle_Gabriel_Pelegri To get the full fierceness of the Microbust choose a C172 and set all weight setting to zero…Have fun :’(


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