How do you read the new HUD?

I have been enjoying the new Infinite Flight update with the new aircraft and UI. However, I am having trouble getting used to the new heads up display. I have a few questions about the new HUD.

  1. How do you set the ILS/GPS for a runway? I used to be able to touch and hold on the ILS/GPS button in the bottom right half of the display, however, I can no longer do that. How can I select the ILS/GPS of the runway I would like to land at?

  2. Where is the glideslope? The glideslope is usually positioned right next to the altitude indicator, but I can’t find it anymore.

  3. What does the localizer look like now? Is it the pink bar in the center of the “heading wheel”?

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Please fly direct to this topic, and read it over. If you have any questions about any aspect of the tutorial, please, comment below the topic.

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Edit, for further advice.

Important note regarding ILS tuning:

You must be within a 27nm radius of the airport in order to successfully tune in the ILS frequency. Outside of this range you will not be able to tune in the runway. I would highly suggest creating a FPL that has a GPS route from the end of the cone to the runway threshold and use that as a guide to align you with the runway. This will not be as accurate as the ILS but will keep you going in the correct direction.


While Deercrusher wrote a beaut tutorial, I do agree some visuals on the new look and feel of doing an ILS approach would help.

Here is what I have worked out:

  • the blue arrow shows your set altitude. Here 400 feet
  • below, the blue arrow shows the extended centerline
  • below, the purple arrow shows your flightplan (I think)
  • the green dot is your glide slope

Key message from the tutorial: a GPS approach will not provide us with glideslope; its basically a VFR approach now. Only runways with an ILS cone will allow us to do ILS approach


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