How do you raise trust level?

I have always wanted to know how to raise your trust level. I am sure try 2 i think and want to know how to get higher!!


Trust levels are raised by what you do on the forum. I will grab an article real quick.

This should help you understand how trust levels work within Discourse and our community. Unless you get picked through meeting requirements, you cannot go any higher.

K thanks! Just post on the forum?

Just keep being active in the community and engaging with other community members. The exact requirements aren’t released to the public for each trust level to save from farming trust levels.

Feel free to take a look at this topic below if you require any more information:


Stay active, like posts, create topics that interest others, be a good role model :)

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Well you are a TL2 which is as high as you can get unless you are selected to become a Regular. Just hold tight and keep doing what you are doing and you will get there! And no problemo!

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