How do you put your plane to stay in autpilot all night?

how do i leave my plane doing circles all night without it going off course?

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Make sure you have NAV on, and that the correct leg is activated on your autopilot. It seems as if something isn’t right, so can you please describe the problem in greater detail?

You know how you see people circling the airport at their cruise? because they overslept or what not, i believe that’s what the OP is asking about, however for that to happen, the aircraft will only circle around, as it’s trying to finish a leg but cant, like a “sharp” turn when going 300kts would do it, plane would be trying to get to the waypoint but it won’t so it keeps circling… But i recommend not trusting it to do that always, i would plan only long hauls and any flights that you can be there for the descent phase, and you can end up hours away, and no fuel, happened to me before, was a very stressful landing during a busy FNF…


oh i didnt have nav on so i think that was the problem because i just put the plane to do a circle around los vegas and when i wake up it just says CRASHED because it passed the line.

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You could also create a super long circular flight plan. It might not be a circle, but if yiu can just keep it within the facility of the airfield, it should work. Most airports have tonnes of waypoints near them.

I did something one day and worked for me: you file your flight plan as normal, but at the waypoint you want to stay, then you add another waypoint back of it but near. Not too close to detect it as passed but not too far for the plane to do a turn

So can you fly while sleeping or being AFK? I thought you get kicked from the server if you don’t give any input. Can you make a 8-10 hour flight and get some sleep in between?




Its what i do every night!

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i dont have pro BTW

oh and i just woke up and i saw the plane landed in the middle of nowwhere outside the square it got up to 6:50

Your throttle will be forced to 0% if you go outside the regions.

yeah i know thats the problem why is it going outside the regions?

Have you got a flight plan set? It’ll show as a line of waypoints on the map interface if you do.

Awesome! I’m doing it every night!

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yea i do a flight plan but it still is going outside the area.

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Have you enabled NAV in the autopilot pop up?

This is how i do it: find two points/fixes that are extremely close together and above the airport. Add them both to the end of your flight plan and your plane will have a hard time hitting the points. This make it circle for ages. Just to be safe i would add other close fixes as well.

okay thanks

So that’s why I would end up crashing when I first bought IF and didnt have pro… Good to know.